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Being involved in physical activities of all kinds has an amazing effect on toddlers and school aged children. Gymnastics in particular has specific benefits that parents want to make sure their children are developing. 

Gymnastics provides the perfect environment where children can use their senses to develop coordination and confidence. Since the gymnastics environment is colorful, padded, fun- and safe- its the perfect place to to support their developmental progress.   

Toddler Aged
1. Vestibular- sense of balance
2. Proprioception- understand space and position
3. Social Skills- understanding taking turns, sharing and peer interaction
4. Classroom skills- listening, following directions, staying with class
5. Active play- establishing exercise is fun
6. Confidence- learning new skills, encouragement
7.Courage- overcoming fears, trying hard things
8. Flexibility- stretching
9. Strength- use/development of muscles
10. Foundation- preparation for future activities
School Aged Children
1. Helps you develop coordination
2. Improves Flexibility
3.Helps develop Strength and Power
4.Teaches listening and learning skills
5. Improves Self-Esteem and Confidence
6. Provides social interactions with peers
7. Teaches Goal Setting
8. Developers cognitive abilities to help in classroom
and the workplace
9. Developers skills to enhance other sports
10. Its FUN!

Benefits Of Gymnastics

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