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Silver Stars Gymnastics Preschool Program

- A Moving Child is a Learning Child

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Tumble With Me 12mo-24mo
A fun, active developmental program to introduce movement 
​and basic gymnastics skills using equipment, obstacle courses and props. Parents take part in teaching your child and learn safe spotting techniques. This class is a 40 min class. 

Mini Stars Ages 2-3 years old

The Mini Stars Class is centered around age appropriate development movements on the different gymnastics equipment. There is a strong emphasis on socialization, learning to take turns, sharing, and building self-confidence – all through fundamental gymnastics skills. Each class begins with a fun musical warm up as well as circuits on two olympic events. Children will be constantly moving and engaged in this 45 mins class.

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Little Dippers Ages 3-4 years old

The Little Dippers program is for boys and girls ages 3-4 years old. In this program children focus on learning gross-motor skills, coordination, and fitness with a focus on the sport of gymnastics. Each class begins with a fun musical warm up focusing on basic stretching. Children will be taught two olympic events (Vault, Bars, Beam Floor) each class based on the lesson plan for each week while incorporating colors, numbers, shapes, animals and fun!. The class is 50 minutes. 


Pre- K Ages 4-5 years old

This 60 min class is for boys and girls teaches the basic gymnastics skills on vault, bars, balance beam, floor, and trampoline, while using stations and accessories such as incline-mats, folding-mats, donut-mats and barrels. This class transitions gymnasts from our traditional coach led circuits in our Little Dipper Program to stations and learning how to take turns on their own while under coach supervision. 


Eye-Hand Coordination

Colors & Numbers



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