Gymnastics Programs

USAG & IGC Competition Team

**Evaluation is required before entering this program**


       Our IGC Competitive Team offers a competitive program for all IGC levels. This program is designed to foster a competitive yet fun and exciting atmosphere. Unlike USAG, routines are not compulsory. Each level has a unique routine, created to highlight the teams best skills.

    Our USAG Junior Olympic Team offers a competitive program from levels 2 and up.  Each level has a compulsory routine for each event that all children will perform. This program is designed to foster a competitive yet fun and exciting atmosphere.

Silver Stars Gymnastics offers classes to even the tiniest stars in our lives. Our Mini Stars Class (45 min) for children 2-3 years old  and the Little Dippers Class (50 mins) for children 3-4 years old. These programs are designed to help students increase physical strength, develop fine and gross motor skills while learning the basic movements and beginnings of gymnastics. Classes cover all 4 Olympic events (Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor) including a musical motor skill warm-up.

Preschool Programs


**Evaluation is required before entering this program**

The  Advanced Class is for students who show a special interest and wish to pursue gymnastics as a sport. Students in this program are taught a solid foundation of basic skills from which future advanced skills can be built upon. 

Advanced Class

Recreational Programs

Our Recreational Programs includes our Shining Stars & Shooting Stars here at Silver Stars Gymnastics, which include all children ages 5 and up. This program is designed based on the USAG levels and lesson plans that are followed each week to ensure your child is progressing in each class. Each child, based on their experience and ability are taught beginner to advanced skills on each of the four Olympic events (Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor). 

     We also have our Asteroids Class, for preteens and teens who aspire to become apart of a school team. While polishing up on their skills,  your child would love this friendly social environment while learning a multitude of new skills.


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Silver Stars Gymnastics




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